The Man that Beat MS

You might be interested to hear about someone who has stopped MS by having a Stem Cell Transplant

The full broadcast can be heard here

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so what do we think?


I think Scudger has hit the pig in the sky.


I do understand folk’s negative thought’s as i was for 20yrs, sorry this has got to be a positive thing! i know it has bein around for a while in different talk/practtice, but things do move forward, & hats off big time for the guinea pigs, coz lets face it time aint with us & i never liked the way DMD’s alway’s seemed to be an unknown thing good or bad, so i did not bother.

Then this came up, & also this seamingley possitive study in Camebridge, my ears & eye’s opened up, big time!!

i was DX 20yrs now spm/s no kids, so i wonna b, a guinea pig


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aye interesting. my dear friend also had stem cell-he cant speak up for himself cos he aint with us anymore…

we are all unique with different reactions and different cells and there will never be a ‘cure’ that fits us all. but when something ‘cures’ or ‘fixes’ you then BRAVO!


I dont have MS anymore either!

That`s because I never did have it, even though I was diagnosed with it for 10 years!

Most of you already know this, so sorry for boring you guys!


“Patient zero” says he’s cured and treatment costs half of what conventional treatment costs. But I remember a 60 Minutes segment showing what a scam stem cell treatment can be. Also at my age I wouldn’t be considered a candidate. In my veterinary practise I’ve extracted mesenchymal stem cells (fat) and injected it into arthritic knees and achieved a cure in a couple dogs that would otherwise have been euthanized.


What a coincidence …

The first line of Terry Mechan’s website, starts with the words Roving Reports (yes, the same as the name used by the OP).

So we have a radio reporter trying to make a name as a video reporter. All those who believe in the “miracle cure approach” wil look at his video, and he can point to this as proof that people like his work.

Remember the story on the Beeb before Christmas about the guy who had stem cell treatment and got up out of his wheel-chair and walked? Reporters need a lot of good viewing figures to stay in business.

Mods, please take a look at this from the OP on down.



Does this mean that you’re cured?

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