stem cell therapy

Hi everyone, Has any of you heard about stem cell tratment?? Im trying to find solution to walk normal again. Im too young to give up work an have young children to look after. Im I wishing to much ??? Also does diet help to get better? Erida

I’ve heard that there are charlatans conning people out of money for stem cell treatments, but no-one offering stem cell treatments that reverse the deterioration people see with MS.

Similarly, there are plenty of diets that suggest they will help with MS symptoms, my experience is that they are also cons.

If there was an easy answer to the problems that MS causes, it would not be the devastating disease that it is. Just my view, obviously.

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I have been looking at stem cells as a treatment option as well. MS Nurse told me that in the brain, the stem cells don’t know when to shut off and there’s the possibility of tumours. One clinic that offers stem cells told me that there’s no point treating a progressive condition like MS as the stem cell treatment will last for about a year and then the MS takes over again.

Just my opinion not medical facts

There are several people offering stem-cell treatments. Like Sewingchick has said - most of them are conmen.
There is no proven stem-cell treatment currently available.
There ARE some reputable researchers working on stem-cells as an MS treatment - but don’t hold your breath!

Even the best researchers can get it wrong. Read:
and wonder why it stops suddenly.