The Letter

Hi all hope your doing ok , this could be a long one !! I got told a couple off weeks ago that I have ppms which I took in my stride and was quiet strong as It was talked about a while ago and I got my head around it ! Well thats what I thought got my letter this morning from the neuro confirming everything and whats the first thing I did yes you got it broke down tears, sobbing,the works what we going to do how we going to cope ect ect and my partner being very positive said we carry on as we have been and go with it and I know this is true but why do I feel like my lifes been taken from me due to a letter just confirming everything I all ready knew !!! Just wondering if anyone else went through this emotion im sure there is but I just would like someone elses views and how they coped with it so there we go thats my story so far any advice would be wonderful thanks for reading love and hugs to all xxxxxx

There is something about seeing things in black and white that just cuts through all our defences :frowning:

What you are feeling is absolutely 100% normal. Not that makes it feel much better mind you!

You will get through it though. Take it one day at a time, keep talking to your partner (and listening) and be kind to each other - this is a big deal for you both and it takes some getting used to. And if you are struggling at any point, please ask to see a counsellor - it can make the world of difference to pour out your fears and feelings to someone who you can’t hurt and who won’t judge you!

MS is not something that anyone would choose, and life can’t help but deviate from what we’d planned as a result of it, but we learn to adapt and move on. So life may be different, but it can still be good.

Karen x