the hell of stormy weather

I thought Armageddon had arrived in the guise of storms over head. It was the worse 24 hours i have gone through. 31c and so humid.

How does it affect you?

Humidity makes my body burn, i suddenly woke up with a headache and pain from the gates of hell. My legs are on fire. The worse thunder storm i have experienced hit us full on over head. BOOM…it went on and on. My poor doglet was laying by my side shivering but i made no effort to comfort as i find it winds her up more, and well like a dope i started to sing some silly song to her oh my if my husband was watching from above he would have been chuckling his head off, as he knows how much i hate to sing. but it seemed to calm her down and it had the same effect on me a little, that was around 11pm, and suddenly i woke up at 4.30 so i must have just sung myself to sleep too. the air is still heavy and oppressive.

I had put my fan on timer. I hate having a fan on it makes me feel worse I think but needs must last night my bedroom isn’t the biggest and i cant sleep with the door open as the 2 cats will fight and spit at each other in the night and it makes my doglet anxious and she will then want to get up, so its not worth the effort.

we have another day on Thursday to look forward too. in the day is fine for me as i have an air conditioning unit which keeps us cool and i can have the patio door open, but it would be like trying to sleep in a freezer in my bedroom and i would never sleep.

I hope you all survived the weather. what it is about MS and the heat and humidity, its one of the worse triggers for me for this disease I hate it I could barely eat yesterday mind you that’s not a bad thing lol. Gosh i hate waking up to a headache, thank goodness for 4 head its great stuff.

Stay well all of you. Keep cool. xx

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We had a thunderstorm quite briefly overnight. I missed it! Slept right through!! No idea how I managed that. I hope your doglet has recovered CC. It was a very hot night. Today is a tad cooler, but tomorrow the unbearable heat will be back.


i still haven’t forgotten that time i sat outside on sister’s patio during a thunder storm.

dad tried his best peter kay impersonation “it’s spitting come inside”

it was brilliant, cracking light show and i got soaked which was blissfully cool.

i was so sure it would cool the weather down but it didn’t.

ps if it was armagedon, what do we expect with boris as PM?

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I always believe never trust the clown that is why they are deemed so scary. Hatchet job is what we could expect and boy did he ever do a “SHININGS” "HERES BO JO.…lol. devil

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Another night gotten through. was a tad cooler. phew doglet is still snoring. she was fine Sue thank you. There were 1200 lighting strikes in my area. Jeez. Body still tingling and buzzing oh the joys.

Am I even living on the same planet as everyone else?! All this week it has rained heavily, on and off, and the wind is blowing from the Atlantic without easing up. Temperature is around 19/22c most days though. Not really my idea of a great summer.

Yes Poppy. Different planet. Here it’s about 30 degrees. Even though the sun has vanished. It’s been hot and sunny all week. Tomorrow it should cool down to about 22 degrees.

Sorry you’re suffering rain and wind!


Ventured out to do some grocery shopping today with a very grumpy Mr Poppy. (It seems every time we go to a supermarket we arrive when it’s Playtime!) I thought of Steve and his recent post. The aisles were buzzing with children being more active than I’ve ever noticed in the play park. Shouting and running amok is the norm now, as their very large parents clad in the dreaded thin leggings, that stretched threateningly at the seams as they blocked my path. Fleshy arms folded across generously endowed chests,they were oblivious to me trying to get by in my chair, never mind their charges running riot playing with the sqeeky rubber toys in the pet section. Oh, forgive me. I’ve got carried away with the memory. Mr Poppy had been loosing patience by the time he’d got the shopping trolley through the door. By the time cashier number three finally opened her checkout as announced loudly above the din,both our blood pressure was raised. The warm breeze blowing through the underground parking spaces was most welcome. Andthe sun was shining by then. Can I blame brain fog and heat for my off topic ramblings? !

Loved your description so true.

gosh you are lucky with the weather in my flat it was 80c. Last night was hell with over 31c all day. I feel drained and weird. threatening a water infection the sample went to be checked lots of eurolytes no nitrates so its been sent off, will know monday if i need to start tablets. I know my own bladder it was in total spasm yesterday and i felt so horrible, woke up its the same. could it be my MS? GOSH i am so drained can barely type. woke up in sweat. I did have the fan on but turned it off at 1am as i was cold lol. I hate fans on in the bedroom.

anyway the sight of tight leggings around bulbous fat bottoms has given me a relapse lol. xxxx

We purchased 2 of those Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying fans, one for upstairs in the bedroom and the other for the living room.

I highly recommend them, far better than a conventional rotary fan, quieter, purifies the air, can be programmed to do all sorts of things.

You can even set it from your phone, ready for when you come home or have it come on automatically throughout the day and night.

It monitors the air in standby mode and then switches itself on/off to keep the air purified and cool.

The air out put feels different to a normal fan, fresher and more ambient, not a direct flow like a normal fan.

I was a bit doubtful because they are expensive, but after some long thought and deciding to get one, we were so impressed that we decided to buy a 2nd one a week later.

We never splash out on ourselves so we thought why not !