The heat zapps me

Hi gang been in bed sleeping lots

Read about it on my Disabled Don blog.

Today is a bit cooler so feeling more human today.

Heather is not going to be happy as we just had a cold caller on the telephone at 7:45 am.

She told them, maybe time we went ex directory it’s all these calls about a fault on your Windows computers, a chap I know who used to work as a computer programmer got stung for a hundred and twenty quid. I ask you he went to a Western Union shop and transferred the money!

I didn’t speak to Heather so it seems that she has gone back to bed, she has trouble sleeping as it is we were having cold milkshakes at one o’clock last night. It was so hot but milkshake cooled me down. That’s enough from me I can feel

a game of scramble coming on. Have a good day folks.


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Hi Don , know the feeling with the heat , thank goodness its cooled down now , at least I can do some housework . Take care

Hello Don,

Heat is the devil’s device. A few years ago I was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke. It wasn’t-it was the heat. After a night of hell in the acute stroke ward, I was released. I think the way it sneaks up on you is particularly devious. It’s like a complete shutdown.

Stay cool, Steve.


I’m just cooling down now and starting to feel human again, I used to love the sun

Does anyone get the same when it’s too cold? I think my internal thermostat is shot to pieces I can’t deal with extremes if I can use that word lets face it we don’t get extreme weather in this country.

Soon be Christmas.

Jan x


Hi Jan

You are not alone on this one, its not just the heat for me, its just as bad with the cold, Spring is definitely the best for me.

No consolation for you I know, but just to let you know you are not alone.

Take care

Pam x


Hi Don,

My husband got one of them phone calls and he had the cheek to tell Bill to f***k off when he realised Bill wasn’t going to be taken in lol!!

Yeah! The heat has affected me this year. I have spent the summer walking about inside the house with bare feet. It was the only thing that was bearable.

Mind you the cold is worse I am really dreading it.

Glad you are feeling a bit more like yourself.

Mags xx

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Today’s been great it’s a bit cooler, I used to say I was better in the winter but now I am never better or is that just me being bitter and twisted? Heather went out with number two daughter today and was nearly blown off Broadstairs pier in a rainy squall. She grabbed the grandkids but they don’t weigh much chairs and tables all blew around. I was sensible and stayed home alone I should have known it would rain I was woken up by the window cleaner.

Soon be Christmas



I’m much better in the heat, the cold makes my body become really tender to touch, my entire body feels like it’s been scalded and when it’s wet I get stiff joints. Maybe this will change in the future but for now I’m really settled when it’s warm. It’s turned really wet and windy in Cumbria now but my garden needs watering so I can live with it.

Cath xx


I had a call a while back from someone claiming to be from “World Wide Web Server”, telling me that they had detected a problem with my computer. I told a little white lie: I said I don’t have a computer. He couldn’t put the phone down fast enough - didn’t even say goodbye!!

I like the sunny weather, sunshine lifts my mood, but the rain is giving me an excuse not to do any gardening (not my favourite job!) and I’m more comfortable and have more energy now the temperature and humidity have both dropped. That said, I am not looking forward to the winter - I don’t like cold and especially not wet cold. Fussy, aren’t I?!



We had the same call on Sunday, and my son who was visiting answered the phone, and told the man you have got the wrong number, there is no computer in the house, and the person ringing rang off immediately!!!

Seems like that must be the best comment to the scammers, I am glad my boy answered and told them a white lie, cos I am sure if I had answered I would not have been so quick to think what to say.

Beware of these scammers.

Pam x


cold callers grrrrrrrn don’t get me started hate them but the computer one i tell them i dont microsoft wich makes them try to tell me what do i use then so i tell them linux and they put phone down on me always make me smile there just trying to sell something why don’t our stupid goverment stop them grrrrrrrrrrr rant over sorry people

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I’m sick of the gas boiler call. ‘Our records show that you still haven’t…’

SLAM!!! Phone goes down ( except it doesn’t nowadays does it? I do miss the days when you really could slam it down, instead of pressing the end call button.)

We are on telephone preferences but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

re: the OP- I’m like Pam, hate the cold with a vengeance, but loathe the heat. Although I’ve been developing my PPMS symptoms for at least four years, probably a lot longer, this is the first summer since I was actually diagnosed, and coincidentally probably one of the nicest summers we’ve had for some years, and I have found myself feeling grim ang not being able to enjoy it. I never expected that.

Winters are vile. If I have to go out in cold, wet windy weather it feels like an alien planet.


Kev no pleasing us MSers is there I used to feel better in the winter but now my legs are cold in patches all year round and the heat just wipes me out

Heather keeps moaning at me she thinks I encourage the cold callers

They do brighten my day though they seem so gullible



Hi all, on computer post… yep I had a guy ring me and he said quick get on your computer, you are being hacked, I’ll tell you what to do. I said who are you… he said the UK something or other. I said how do I know you’re not a hacker? He hung up.

On hot and cold post… I can’t seem to stand either extreme. If I get hot I can’t cool down… and I get Utthoff’s Syndrome… (that’s a very MS thing where you get double vision and get wobbly when hot… for those who might not know)… and if I get cold I can’t warm up at all.

Then last winter another thing started… if I went out on scooter and got cold I would very quickly become boiling hot. Very confusing and not nice. I can’t explain it but it messed with my emotions somehow… was upsetting. You know… that old crying in the street thing. Not nice.

Hey ho… life with MS. Never a dull moment…

Pat xx

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Hi all,

Thanks for the warning Pam…I would have been totally taken in so great to have advance warning

So pleased the weather has cooled down…its raining cats and dogs here at the moment Like most of you I too hate the heat …makes me so ill and weak but I did find it loosened my muscles. Hate the cold too …makes back spasms terrible and I get a band of pain around my ankles. Thank goodness for spring and Autumn!

Fussy little lot, aren’t we?!

Haven’t been around for a couple of days…hope everyone is as ok aspossible

Nina x