The girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Hi everyone

Don’t know if you remember that a couple of months ago I asked for some advice with book titles as I need to get into reading again to save my sanity.

I have so far read a book by Alex Barclay and enjoyed it, also read A Trueman Capolte, a Lynda La Plante and started Lional Shriver’s ‘We need to talk about Kevin’, good; but deeply disturbing, so not sure if I’ll carry on with that one.

The best book by far and one which I am enjoying very much is The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, so thank you all for your help, I have several more Alex Barclay’s then will look at the list again.


There are two more in the series of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…also worth reading. Persevere with Kevin - it is disturbing but I think it’s worth seeing it through to the end.


Thanks Liz, the author of Dragon Tattoo has unfortunately died, so it’s good to know I’ll have something else to look forward to.