The Dr.Seuss MS POEM by Morgan(mgcpd)

Found this thought you would like to read it.

MS POEM (by Morgan)

I love MS it’s just so neat the way it swept me off my feet I love the pain I love the numb and sticking needles in my bum

I love the way my worlds a blur the way I shake, the words I slur I love my chair and walker too I love ms------I do I do

I love my lazy sleepy days I shake with joy within my haze I’m just as happy as can be it makes me pee and pee and pee

I love my legs that will not walk my twisted tongue that will not talk I love the way my poop does bind I do believe I’ve lost my mind

Hope you find this as good as I do, sorry I can’t put it in the format that it was written.

All the best Deborah


Like it, Deborah!

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Thanks Deborah,

It should really be in a medical journal and plastered across everywhere to explain what it’s like. (In a nutshell!)

Best wishes, Steve x.

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Everybody should read that. It’s my life in words


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Deborah that was so good I had to put it on my blog

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Hi Guys yes I think everyone that is connected to MS, wether a suffer or a freeing or family member should read this.

LOL Deborah

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Love it…

Pat xx

I love it too Deborah!

Nina x

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Yes, love it, well done x

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