The absolute joy of a blocked catheter

I hate my body, nothing works anymore and now even the mechanical bits of me are rebellious. I am still in bed after a blocked catheter. Read about it on my blog

I am sure it is only a blip but I feel under attack. PPMS is supposed to be gentle decline not wham bam thank you mam take that bash. I know if I get a urine infection I have a bad time but this came on in less than an hour. I assume stress bought the attack on but why won’t it go?

XXX Don in not so sunny Margate.

Very eloquently put, Don.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Hi, Ive had blocked catheters and by passing. Its not nice. Happened one night when I was on holiday in Blackpool, so had to go to A & E. I was waiting for hours before being seen, despite not many people in the waiting room…but there`s a different entrance for ambulances, so I patiently (pun) waited my turn!

I have my catheter changed every 4 weeks and drink lots of tap water, to help it drain as well as it can.

Enjoy your rest chuck.


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It is strange how MS affects people, I am still feeling awful today. The beast likes to be in charge and is unwelcome disturbance has bought out its worse and it is reminding me that it is in charge, earlier today I couldn’t even hold a pencil for longer than a few seconds, I must be improving because I have just typed this on my kindle with a pen thingie.