catheter change messes my brain

You would think that with familiarity I would get used to my catheter being changed. Oh no no I .

My head messes with me. As I have said be for I can cry at an advert on Tele.

Me I truly am an emotional wreck.


I really like your writing style on your blog, and I greatly admire your honesty, frankness and bravery in facing MS head on. I feel sorry that you are going through a really rough time right now, but I hope things improve for you soon.

Wishing you calmer waters soon and all the very best.

Just read your blog Don.

I’m not surprised you feel a nervous wreck with everything you’ve gone through. All you really want is to be left alone to chill.

I don’t care if you are a man, I am sending you a virtual (((((( hug))))))


Glad all went well in the end Don!

Nothing drains me as much as anything that effects my emotions and absolutely everything scares me these days too.

I often wonder where the real me has gone too! Hope you can have some better times now Don, you certainly deserve it!

Nina x

Hello Don.

I also have an spc. I tried a urethral one a few years ago and didnt like it one bit! It bypassed, it was so uncomfortabe to sit on and having the tube dangling between my legs felt horrid!

I much prefer the spc, but it hasnt been without its problems. It did by pass a lot last year, but in December, I had a wash out and camera up to check for problems…there werent any.

I was put on betmiga, a bladder calmer and it works most of the time. If I feel pressure, as if I am going to bypass, then I take a tolterdine tablet, as a kind of insurance, to keep it from bypassing.

Most of my catheter changes go well, but like you, I do get nervous as some previous ones werent so easy.

I take deep breaths and tell mysef it`ll all be over quickly and guess what? It is!

How often do you have yours changed? Mine is just 5 weekly, due to longer ones being sticky and uncomfortable. .

luv Polx

Thanks folks, I write the blog to both help me and anyone else with similar problems it is cathartic (pun intended)

Pol I have mine changes every eight weeks as I tend to develope infections if left longer


I’m still intermittent catheterising morning and night, and for the moment, touch wood, it works well for me. I really appreciate, nay enjoy, that sure feeling that for at least twice in the day my bladder has properly emptied. I sleep better for it, and start the day the better for it. I have been having a lot of UTI’s but the gaps between them have been getting longer and longer. The most recent one began 44 days after finishing the previous antibiotics, extending the record from 29 days.

Saw the urologist again last week, and he has checked thoroughly for reasons for infection and there it comes down purely to hygiene, there are no other possible reasons. I try to be ultra ultra careful, always have done. Anyway I am now on a background daily low antibiotic dose. My GP has been against this, but the MS nurse always comes back to the idea so I’m going with it for now, fully understanding all the reasons why not to do it.

I can well understand your nervousness Don. Anything that ruffles the calm waters of the days upsets me. I always say, stop prodding and poking me, I just want to be left to enjoy my MS in peace.

Anyway, I am now about to embark on a series of experiments to balance up my messed up hormonal system. To begin with that’s 20mg of steroid a day, and starting Thyroxine tomorrow. Loads more tests to come, and trying to balance up any other hormone replacement meds. Who knows, I might reclaim some missing energy from somewhere and not be utterly, permanently fatigued!

Dream on, Kev! Oops, need another pee, it’s the steroids working.

Kev x

Oh Don, glad it went well, but truly can understand feeling nervous, I feel sure anyone would, but don’t forget ms plays havoc with our emotions, so don’t beat yourself up for having these feelings.

Now its done, I hope you have a better time than you have been having, take care.

Pam x

It’s clear we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. As an extra delight the surfaces of both are rough and craggy. I went to urology about 10 years ago where they sat me down and requested I drank 2 litres of water. Why? Didn’t they believe my description of the symptoms? In fact, in his summary, the consultant said “you’re right”. A whole morning for that!

It is very difficult to judge how much intervention we want or need. For the moment I have eschewed all interaction with hospitals and specialists in order to give myself some peace. Current circumstances dictate that wherever I go I need assistance from my wife and therefore the young daughter must come too-and that’s a bit of a full on road show.

I don’t know how long I can hold out for but at the moment, my symptoms can be managed. Hope you get some respite from the traumas the beast can bring us.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hang in there Don.

Spring is around the corner; warmth and sunshine really DOES make a difference.

Yay spring I spoke to my sister tonight and she mentioned hibernation, seems like a plan.

Don - 8weeks is far to long between changes. ln fact the catheter people only recommend you leave it in 28days. l have my SPC over 20yrs. and l do have it changed every 5 weeks. Any longer and it becomes so uncomfortable to remove as the tip gets crystallized.

There is a very good SPC site US based - called Streetsie.

l have started to use the Duette double-ballooned caths. A friend got them for me when she was in Florida. Google Duette caths they are a new idea that is far better then the old foley type which were invented 70 yrs ago. Having two balloons - that is one balloon on the tip to protect the bladder wall and prevent the drainage holes from getting sucked into the bladder causing pain infection and also blocking. My 'continence nurse is thrilled that something better will soon be on the market. The Duette does have the important FDA approval mark - but still has to get the CE mark for export.