Now I'm progressing....

Hi,I have been a full-time wheelie for more than twelve months now but with a bit of leverage and luck I have managed to stand up to pee into a bottle when necessary. But now that is getting fraught with danger - balance, support, speed etc. and as far as I can see the only way seems to be the catheter route. Just the prospect makes my eyes water so could any users reassure me it’s the logical way to go (other than to never take liquids again!)

In forum speak please regale me with your experiences

Aha! Been there, done that, got the chuffin` t shirt!

I am a fellow full time wheelie! (9+ years now.)

Around 4 years ago, I had an in dwelling catheter fitted. I didnt get on well with it, so had it removed.

I was told by a senior nurse, that if I had it taken out, I would have no control and be wet all the time…untrue! I coped well…for a while…

In July this year, I had a suprapubic catheter fitted. Prior to that, my transfers were so dodgy and difficult. I had many falls and couldnt cope.

So I thought long and hard and researched the info about spcs.

12 weeks on and I am still getting used to it.

The absolute brilliant thing is that I no longer have to do those risky transfers. I was still doing them up to about 3 weeks ago, but they were fraught with danger. I have had to call for help in restaurants, cinemas and other public places, when my 2 carers weren`t able to hold me up and I ended up on the floor!

I am now unable to weight bear, but the benefits of just being able to empty my bag into a bottle or a loo are immeasurable!..posh word for a Tuesday afternoon, eh?

I cant tell from your post if you are a fella or a lass…an spc can be fitted in the same way for both genders… so it matters not!

I know you were joshing about never drinking water…that is NEVER a good idea! You must drink loads when you have an spc.

I find an spc is much more comfortable than the in dwelling type.

I am at the mo nursing an ulcer, from accidentally allowing the tube to rub against my flesh…I now pad it well! Nurses call to check it and my carer cleans and dresses it daily.

Owt else you wanna ask? Please do.


Ive checked back on your older posts..........youre a fella!

Is there a sheath type catheter you could use easily?


I’m a woman who self catheterizes (not sure of spelling) which I know some men are a bit squeamish about, but may be something for you to consider, many men do it, it’s not difficult (as a nurse I catheterised many men). Other possible options for you would be a sheath as Poll mentioned, it’s like a condom with a tube you attach to a bag, an in-dwelling catheter which would get changed every 12 weeks or a supra pubic catheter as mentioned also.

I’d discuss the options with your nurse or doctor, they all have positive and negative issues but putting yourself at risk of falling and injuring yourself are much worse.

Hope this helps, if I can help with any questions you may have, please ask.

Cath xx


I was diagnosed in 2001 and have been using a conveen urisheath for about 13 years now.

I did go to a catheter but didn´t get on with them and kept getting infections so went back to the sheath.

I´ve never had a problem with them, except for the odd night where they have come off and soaked the bed.

Before being wheelchair bound I only needed them at night but now it´s 24 hours.

I change every morning when I get washed and that´s it until tomorrow.

Drink as much as I like, pee about 2 litres a day.

Just use a soap like imperial leather, helps them stick.

Hope it helps, Pete