Thank You

I was told by my MS Nurse to apply for a Young Carers Grant for my daughter. My Daughter is now 11 and is my carer. We have had more downs this year than ups!!

I am pleased to let you know that she was awarded the Grant and is now a proud owner of a new Laptop!

I just need to know how to work it!

Thank you very much the Grants Team and the MS Society

C x


That’s good news Candystripe and a big thumbs up to your daughter for giving you her support.

Jan x

That’s great news Candystripe! lovely to hear about young carers being recognised

All the best to you and your daughter, with more ups! than downs to come


HereI am on new laptop!!! I can tell its a new minefield!! All this new windows mlarky!! A big thankyou for my replies. Daughter is over joyed with it as she knows how to work it better than her mother. No surprise there.