Knock me down with a feather

I just found out that my application for a grant towards the advance payment of a WAV has been approved. I’m shocked – I was so certain that they would turn me down that I nearly didn’t apply.

I changed my motability car for a small WAV last year. My daughter who is my carer was pregnant at the time so we made loads of enquiries about baby/child seats. Basically the salesman lied. The baby seat fixed in with the seatbelt but Faye is too big for that now. When we went to buy the next size seat we discovered that there was no ISO Fix even though we had been assured that there was. To cut a long story short – no car seat – no baby – no baby - no daughter- no daughter- no carer.

I had no other option but to look at a medium WAV with prepay of nearly £3500.

The only way I could pay it was with a loan. I applied for a grant but as I have an occupational pension I never pass means testing. I was told that the grant people sometimes look at special needs if you don’t pass the means test. Obviously they did look at my wider circumstances. I’m so relieved. I would have taken on the debt because I really didn’t have a choice but I am so happy not to have to.


Well wonders never cease! JOLLY WELL DONE YOU!

luv Pollx

Jane - l bet you are ‘cockahoop’ - l love to hear ‘good news’. Knowing its cheered you up - will cheer us up as well.

That’s great news. Lovely to hear. So sometimes it is worth jumping through all the hoops…! Well done. :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful news, I’m really pleased for you all. Cheryl:-)