Oh woe is me!

My Billy wav has broken!

Me and carer Bev set off to go to a new to me craft mill locally.

I got loaded and we set off…got out of the drive ok and then a few yards down our street and I saw Bev attempting to change gear, when the gear stick went all wobbly!

Oh No! we cried!

Hubby and a neighbour came to help and pushed Billy back home.

We are awaiting a breakdown truck to take Billy to wav hospital.

And I have made and pre-paid some events for everyday this week.

I`ve never had so many things to go to.

Woe again and thrice woe!

pollsx very sad now

Poor poor Billy! Poor Poll! Not fair. You’ve only just started your regular outings in Billy too. I am sorry. Sue x

fanks chuck


There’s absolutely nothing worse than a wobbly gear stick.

I hope you get good stiff one soon.


Awww, Poll, what a bugger. If it’s any consolation Angus is with the Doc as well, he went into limp mode. xx

Billy’s home!!! He’s back in his rightful place on our drive, after a night out, getting up to who knows what, with any female jalopies in the repair shop!


He’s got new gear selector rods and clips and a new clutch cable just for good measure!!!

All at a cost of £283!!! Happy birthday me!

The pre birthday lunch out with my 2 sisters and 2 carers, was luvverly!

I’ve got Bucks Fizz, flowers, make up and bag, plus a mystery pressie I will open on Sunday, when I reach the milestone age of 65!

Tara all!