Billy's coming!

Hi gang!

My new wav pap pap, Billy, is coming tomorrow! I’m sooo excited!!! He’s a Citroen Berlingo to ex Motability car. He’s metallic light blue.

Been out for my last outing in Cookie the camper van. Had my last ride on the lift. It can be quite precarious at times, when my wheelie’s wheels go awry. Scary stuff! But he’s looked after me well and taken me to some great places.

So today, whilst out, me and Bev, my designated driver, have been sussing out suitable parking spaces. Like with the van, we need to ensure there’s ample space at the rear to enable Boudica and her chariot to exit.

Good times a-coming! Going out Friday night! Whhhoooo!



Exciting times!

Lock up your menfolk because none of them will be safe from now on.

Boudica’s on the loose.

I think she’s planning on locking Mr Poll in the house so she can go out on the razz!!

Love the fact he has a boys name, most cars are after women!!! Mines Angus, pleased to meet you Billy!!!xxx


Nice one Mick. She was indeed!!

Oh yes! It’s the only way to fly!!!

Polly aka The wild one!


Woo hoo, today’s the day!!!

Chocks away, Billy’s arriving. And Boudica will regain her independent (ish, obviously with a chauffeur) life. The world will be your oyster.

Sue xx

Wo wo,

Let us know how you get on Poll.

I’m ordering my car on Friday. Local garage were useless - called me ‘darling’ on the phone. Visited and spent 20 minutes with a salesman who didn’t take my name or number. Lots of other annoying incidents. Phoned to place an order and they didn’t bother to phone back! General Manager was sent a strong email asking him to retrain his sales staff on customer care !

Another much smaller garage are getting my order instead.

Lets hope it all ends well

Jen x

Yeh, don’t give em your business if they don’t work for it or seem to care!

Plenty of others ready to smile and take your brass!

Do you know, Billy’s salesman has been nothing but kind, interested and caring…not to mention his gorgeous looks and beautiful blue eyes!

So if anyone is looking for a good used ex Motability wav dealer…who delivers all over the country, just ask me.

Been out in Billy for our maiden voyage and he is lovely!

It did feel a bit odd, after sitting in the camper van!

Here’s to the next trip.