Young Carers 18-24

Hello everyone,


I am a young carer for my parent with MS, and wondered if there is anyone else on here in the same situation?

If so, any advice for how to try and live your own life and move on from caring responsibilities?



Little Star Fish

hi little star fish

look out for any groups for young carers.

covid allowing - you could meet other young carers.

i know one young carer through her mum, a friend of mine who has MS.

Her daughter was awarded Young Carer of the Year by the MS Society.

That was about 8 years ago and she has since got married and had a baby (probably more by now).

good luck and be proud of what you do for your mum. xx

Hello catwomanCarole58,

Thank you so much for replying to me!

That is really inspirational to know that she has been able to get married and have a child/children - living her own life and moving on from her caring responsibilities.

Also, very inspirational that she was awarded Young Carer of the Year!

I will look out for groups, thank you for the suggestion!

Hope covid doesn’t stop you from meeting others in your situation.

Good luck

Carole x

Hi Little Star Fish,

Im sure your parent really appriciates all you do for them but ultimately wouldnt want you to put your life on hold for them.

I have a daughter who helps me alot, but i want her to live her life, she is hopefully going away in september and i will have to find alternative help. I will obviously miss her but wouldnt dream of holding her back and im sureyour parent is the same.

Enjoy your life to the full x

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I really appreciate it!

I think you are right, my parent wants me to live my own life and not remain their carer to my detriment.

That is so kind of you to share about your daughter, and that has really helped me to see things from your point of view as her parent. I truley wish her all the best for September!

Thank you so much