Tesco's Shopping Trolleys

Has anyone else had a problem that the wheelchair shopping trolleys don’t fit their wheelchair? The security man tried his best with me to attach to hubbys chair no luck. A basket on his lap it was then.

No, but wheelchair trolleys are sent from the devil. My OH would much rather shop on his own than push a little train of me in my chair and a wheelchair trolley. Apart from anything, you can’t change direction easily and as for reversing! It’s impossible, wheels get locked and I get stuck. Meanwhile he gets cross.

Plus our local Sainsbury’s has a garage on the ground floor, and the shop on the first. There’s one lift in which turning round is impossible, so there’s the wheels sticking scenario, and another lift with a second set of doors leading outside. Which is fine so long as it’s not started chucking it down with rain while in the store.

I tend to only accompany him to supermarkets when it’s a basket on the lap. Everybody is much happier.


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Sorry caz. I have no experience of this-impossible.

hope u find a solution. Ellie

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Try Sainsbury’s.

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Yes will try. His old one at Sainsbury’s always got stuck wheels wouldn’t turn as someone else has said.