when I go to a super market I always take a trolly,I find im more stable and walk better,at the mo i use a stick,do we think the trolly is pointing me to something other than a walkking stick?


I used to do exactly the same thing, use a stick and found that a supermarket trolley much better as I could lean on it. The trouble was I was leaning over all the time and not able to stand erect, then it got to the point that the shopping in the trolley was to heavy to push. I now have a rollator which is good, but now do my shopping on the net and just get odd bits, like fresh food the next day. I haven’t actually answered your question, just told you of how I’ve coped with the same problem. Others on here may well give you better ideas. Wish you luck.



Hi Wellman,

I find I walk differently using the supermarket trolley, however with me Im a lot worse, something to do with shifting my balance, according to neuro physio. I also have hypermobile joints which doesnt help. I often walk like a duck, wobble and limp all at the same time. I do get some rather odd looks.

If your finding your more stable perhaps you need to see a physio and be reassessed for other aids.

take care,



Yes, l find the same - l borrowed a rollator from my neighbour - and surprised myself at how upright and balanced l am when walking with it - like a supermarket trolley.

l did go to the supermarket to-day - to shop for my mum. The car park is ‘downhill’ - and l find the trolley tries to run away with me - l am certainly not safe - shall think twice about doing it again on my own. At least the rollator has brakes.

When l got to my mums - she met me at the car with her shopping bag on wheels - and took over - loading up the bag - then wheeling it back to her bungalow. She’s a star -at 89!!


When I go shopping I borrow a mobility scooter they usually have available in most supermarkets as I find even pushing a trolly hard at times as I am still on my feet.

I often get help to my car with my bags when I have a lot of them. the store people are so helpful.

When I first started having walking problems I considered getting a pushchair to help keep me walking. I got a rollator instead (swollowed my pride and forgot about the pushchair). I’m in a wheelchair now and beyond the struggles of vanity - I love it as it helps me to still be able to intergrate int society. Doh what gets me is that I never considered using a supermarket trolly (but then I seldom shop so perhaps that is why). If the supermarket trolly helps then I’m all in favour of anything that helps peple get around.

:wink: Mary

it is the only way that i could go shopping with my husband is using the trolley . i walk with 2 crutches,

Hi I find that I walk much better with my stick rather than a supermarket trolley. I do not feel very safe or stable with one. I feel that my stick supports me better. Teresa xx

Supermarket trolleys are much better for me. I only use one in Aldi’s though as it’s a fairly small store. I can’t do Sainsbury’s or Asda as they are too big and I get exhausted.

I also own a rollator with a seat, a small 3 wheeled walker, a wheelchair, a pair of crutches, numerous sticks and an electic buggy, I use all of them at different times. The problem with using just one stick apart from falling over is you can end up putting all of your weight onto your shoulders and causing frozen shoulders, common for people with MS as well as Parkinson’s I understand.

I use anything that helps, as I want to stay independant for as long as I can.