Shops that are not very scooter/wheelchair friendly!

Ok I’m naming and shaming!

Went into my local Holland and Barrett today. It’s a big shop with wide aisles… BUT they had so much stuff stacked up on special offer that I had trouble getting down the aisles. Had to keep turning around and finding a different route (all I wanted was dried fruit!).

At one point there was a step-ladder in the middle of the aisle with no member of staff in sight. I had to turn round in a narrow space.

It got even worse where the check-out was. The queue sort of snaked round and went back up and aisles so I was absolutely stuck and couldn’t get to the end of the queue. STAFF must have seen the jam I was in but did NOTHING. A very nice customer let me go in front of her (and about 6 other people). Thank you to her.

By the time I got out I felt a bit upset. Was like I’d been in an obstacle race.

Who will you name and shame?

Pat x

Matalan - where another customer was even more incensed and moved the rails out of the way

Marks and spencer - who have a wheelchair lift to the underwear dept, that you can’t even turn a wheelchair in, you can however reverse back onto the lift

Dunelm mill shop - where a very nice lady who’s mother is in a wheelchair, also fumes over the amount of stuff in the aisles and can’t apologise enough and complains to her manager constantly and not only on her own behalf.

Morrisons - too many baskets of special offers and cages of stock, absolutely impossible

and many others I am sure, they are just the ones that really annoy me and that I will not shop in , all of which have received complaints and lost my business

Hi Pat , that sounds awful, poor you. I must admit I don’t shop much, well I do most of it on line. But since you are asking us to name and shame, I know virtually no one will have been to this place, but Archibalds in Aberdeen (a big sort of department store) had no way for me to go downstairs in the wheelchair to the carpet dept, so we just went to General George whih was very wheelchair friendly, with a lovely helpful assistant and bought the carpet there. Cheryl:)

I very rarely go out, but I have found my local pets at home not very scooter friendly. I would be easier to be pushed in my wheelchair but there are other shops in this retail park that I can get around it is nice to be independant.

My local Morrisons is quite small and feel that I’m in the way if I use my scooter in there…although they do have their own scooter that can be used which is bigger than mine…wonder if anyone ever uses it? They have built another store next door which is twice the size looking forward to that opening soon and may feel like going out more


I have the same trouble in Wilkinson’s Pat; especially at Christmas (but what am I saying I avoid it at Christmas; after slight altercation upset me last year).

I sometimes do drag things with me when I take a corner and there’s something sticking out. I just say whoops sorry and I’m off.

I do have a problem in that there is often not enough room when leaving Sainsbury’s through the isles and I become a hindrance.

Take care



Hi Pat, i don`t use my scooter now, as i find my wheelchair more comfortable. But I know what you mean.

Best advice is this;

if any shop impedes your movement, then boycot it!

If I get stuck in a shop, I make sure the assistants know about it…in the nicest possible way, of course!

luv Pollx

Our local Holland and Barrett is the same Pat. l have attempted to get round on a small shopmobility scooter - and yes it is impossible for anyone to get pass you and no chance of turning around - then when you get to the till you block anyone from getting by. The Shopmobility people are keen for you to name and shame so that they can try to get things improved. l find if you ask the assistants to fetch and carry they are willing to do so. But then it is so nice to ‘browse’ the shelves.

Fortunately, I don’t use a wheelchair yet, but it must be a right nuisance trying to get past Anthony Worrall Thompson continually getting arrested for shoplifting. Funny how people nicking stuff to avoid starvation are common thieves, and yet multi-millionaires just need therapy.

Lol Derek - how true! Teresa xx

OH so agree Whammel. It’s like how working-class people have mental health problems but the aristocracy are eccentric…

(If we had the ‘much talked about’ LIKE button I would have clicked on it.)

Pat x