B&Q are not so good with disabled people. I bet this is common!

Mark and I went out looking for Lino for the kitchen today. We visited the cheap n nasty B&Q, which isn’t so cheap by the way! I was in a B&Q wheelchair and needed a wee so went to the bogs next to the cafe area and there was no disabled bog. A lady took us to it. It was hidden right at the back of the store, completely hidden and you needed a security code to get in…classic! We didn’t buy their Lino but did buy a length of copper pipe and took it to the self serve checkout. Mark scanned the barcode and handed it to me. Being 10feet long it wouldn’t sit in the check - weigh. An old bloke came over and politely asked Mark to stand it on the check weigh. He grabbed it off of me and pulled it out of my hand and put it on while not acknowledging me at all. People in wheelchairs don’t exist you see. I went nuts! How bloody rude! I shouted at him. ‘THAT WASN’T VERY POLITE WAS IT. PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS DON’T EXIST DO THEY?’ I bellowed at him. I then wheeled myself away into the foyer. Calm calm …breathe, breathe, calm down! Mark came out as if nothing had happened. He’s used to it you see! If I hadn’t shouted at him Mark would have wanted to know what was wrong with me!