Tesco Burger

Had a Tesco burger last night and feel brand new. Went for a 6 mile run this morning, it took me 6 minutes and I cleared 42 fences:)

He he! Love it! Might have one myself tonight.



Neigh… (that’s meant to be the sound a horse makes but not sure of spelling…)

Pat x

As far as I know, the UK hasnt eaten horse since the war.

I do wonder where it has come from.

Poor gee gees!

luv Pollx

Apparently all the new stock are not horse, but they are the dogs b******ks.

I love it! Teresa xx

Love it…

Would hate to be saddled with a horseburger! Would whip me up into a fury. Would it give you the trots? Of course the French eat it all the time and they are our nearest NEIGHbours…

Oh dear… … could go on like this for donkey’s years…

Pat x

Tesco burgers may be low in fat, but they’re high in shergar.

Now I really do like that one!

luv Pollx

Two horses in the paddock, waiting to race.

One says to the other “yesterday, I was waiting to race, then I suddenly had a searing pain in my backside, then the gate opened. I was first out, won the race”.

The second horse says “co-incidence - last week I was out there waiting to race. Then an excruciating searing pain in my backside, gate opened, I was first out, won the race”.

In comes a greyhound. “Guess what guys - I was waiting to race, then I had a sudden searing pain in my a*se. The the gate opened; I was first out and won the race”.

The horses say “Blimey, talking dogs!”.

I was in tesco cafe ordering food and the waitress asked if I wanted anything on my burger.

So I had a fiver each way.

My pal ended up in hospital after eating a Tesco burger containing horse meat.

He’s in a stable condition, but still got the trotts.

Seriously, I nearly choked on a Tesco burger. I’ve felt a little hoarse ever since.

Please tell me someone has checked Tesco’s cock-a-leeky soup!

Pat x

I got two tesco burgers out of the freezer…


they’re off!!

I went to the doctor’s today, and he told me to watch what I eat. So I’ve decided to go to the races.

What’s my wife going to feed her cats with now there are no more Tesco burgers and Findus have taken packs of lasagne off the shelves?

I had a Tesco burger yesterday in the hope that I might get the energy to go about running and jumping. I stood there in the living room waiting for it to happen. My wife covered me in wet shirts and told me to stand by the radiator.

I bought a Findus lasagne yesterday. Very easy to cook. Just pop into the microwave and shout ‘Giddy-up’…

Pat x

Why do Findus put lots of cheese in lasagne?

It’s just there to mascarpony.

Oh Josef I think that has to be the winner!!!

Pat x