Temporary Motability Insurance for sister...

My sister is coming to look after me whilst my husband goes away for a well deserved, 'Stag Week!" Am I able to get her insured on my motability car just for one week? I know the new rules regarding distance and having people added to ones insurance, but she is STAYING with me and indeed caring for me…does anyone know if im able to achieve this? She is over 50 and a careful driver…

Many thanks. F x

Just ring your insurer & explain the situation, as your sister is staying with you it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve done this before, they are very helpful if they know the circumstances.


if your sister will be staying with you it should be ok.

they don’t want people who don’t live near to the disabled person using their badge.

ring motability they are so helpful.

carole x

It’s seems easy enough to arrange. http://www.motability.co.uk/about-us/faqs/what-information-do-i-need-to-give-to-add-a-driver

To add a driver to the insurance, you should contact RSA Motability (RSAM) with the details of the proposed driver, including:

  • Date of birth
  • Driving licence number
  • Details of driving history (motoring convictions/claims)

We will only accept drivers who have a legally valid driving licence. Drivers with a non-UK driving licence will be subject to additional checks.

In addition, any proposed (non-temporary) drivers must be able to speak to RSAM when you call so they can give consent for their details to be checked with the DVLA. All proposed drivers will be subject to Motability’s policies on who can drive your car and must also meet RSAM’s eligibility criteria regardless of whether they are added at application or during your lease.