telescope (not ms)


are there any sky watchers on here? am looking for guidance on getting a telescope. i have no idea where to start. can u suggest a good starting one please? i am aware some of them cost alot-am looking at spending £200 or less. thanks for any help/guidance u can offer me

ellie x

Hi Ellie, My husband is a major sky watcher!! He has just popped out but I will ask him for advice when he gets in. Sam x

Hello, I’ve just asked him and he advises on this one:- Skywatcher Star Travel Refractor (102 EQ1) £187.00 Best website to go on is First Light Optics. Hope this helps. Sam x

l see John Culshaw is taking over from Patrick Moore - The Sky at Night.

Hope you enjoy your new hobby Ellie - will it keep you away from the chocolate. Or will it be Milky Ways/Starbursts/ [can’t think of anymore]


thanks sam (and hubby)

ellie x

hi sj

its not for me. between weakness and sight probs it not something i can envisage me being able to do. its for a christmas pressie for a gadget man but i dont want to ask him re it directly

re chocolate-i am on the curly wurly diet-one daily-have lost over 4 stone so its effective (thats my story and am sticking to it!) wonder if a star could be named after curly wurly lol

ellie x