i’ve been on tecfidera for a month and am just wondering about blood tests.

for some reason i’m sure my ms nurse said i’d be given blood tests.

i don’t want to bother her with a call because she s very busy and totally fabulous.

carole x

I was told blood tests every 3 months

I have been on tecfidera for four weeks now.

I am due a blood test next week. So i will have been on it for five weeks when i have the blood test.

I am then due another blood test after another three months and then it will be every six months.

thank you for your replies.

i don’t trust my memory these days but it seems it was right this time.

i’ll ring my ms nurse tomorrow.

carole x

blood tests every three months for me. i will not be given my refill unless i report an adequate bill of health.

tecfidera, not technically an immuno-suppressor but is an immuno-modulator, will cause a decline in the blood cell variety called lymphocytes.

the predicted reduction of these cells is about 50% and if it takes you down to a ‘dangerous’ level, future risks of complications could arise, which you will have to be aware of to make a completely informed decision regarding your ‘MS battle plan’.

i am 4 - 5 months in on Tecfidera and have found that my lymph has gone down by half, but thankfully, this now puts me at a ‘low normal’ level. hopefully this is an initial response of my physiology to the introduction of a new molecule and this will not persist to further 50% reductions when i get the second blood test in a few months. if it does… well that will be some bad news.

The ms team put a letter in with the drugs saying I needed to get regular blood tests with the gp nurse.

Two weeks (Fbc&Lft)

1month (Fbc&Lft)

3&6 months (Fbc&Lft&U&E & urine test) then every 6 months