Hi all,

I have been on Tecfidera for just over a year. I received my blood test results this morning and they are indicating a rather low number of Lymphocytes (1250/mm3) The normal range is between 1100 & 4000.

I have decided to stop taking the drug until I have spoken to my neuro.

Has anyone else had this issue if taking Tecfidera?

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks all.


Sorry, I have just checked my results again and I got it totally wrong! (Brain fog has been a real issue this week :slight_smile:

My Leucocytes are quite a lot higher than they should be at 12150/mm3 (normal range being 3900 to 10200)

I will have a chat with my neuro to see what he thinks.

Maybe I am being paranoid but do not want to become a PML patient!

Let me know your thoughts guys…!

A lymphocyte reduction is what tecfidera does. It is afterall what it is supposed to do!

My pre-tecfidera test (base line) was 1.8. (middle / upper normal)

At month three it was 1.0 (low but normal)

At six months it is back up to 1.3 (my immune system seems to have adapted to my new dietary supplement)

I am more than happy to continue this therapy and shall continue to get blood sucked every three months.