Lymphocytes tecfidera

Just wondering what everyone’s white blood count (lymphocytes) are on tecfidera. I’m 8 months in and now at 0.9. Thx Katy

Is that good or bad? I know none of these technical things.

On tecfidera lymphocytes tend to go down by 30%. With MS we’re usually slightly lower than the normal range. Normal in a healthy adult is between 1.5 and 3.5. Pre meds i was at 1.1. With tecfidera, they check me every 3 months. If i go under 0.8 they’ll check monthly. You’re not allowed below 0.5 apparently because of the JCV risk. Hope this helps.

Hmm, yes it does, thanks! Everyone seems to know all these results from tests and scans and so on, I’m never told anything with regard to mine!

Well, I guess, “you’re JC negative” is all I’ve ever been told with regard to test results.

They lost my JC blood sample on the way to Denmark!!! No ide what i am…if you’re negative, i guess u can relax about lymphocytes a bit. :slight_smile:

I’m the same as you Jellysundae when ever I ask how my blood test was all I’m told is that it’s fine.

You gotta be persistent… Keep asking your MS nurse, your neuro, your GP. They’ll soon learn. :wink:

this will be a test of my memory… if i can be arsed, i could check these forums to see what i claimed my levels were the last time this sort of question cropped up…

from memory (for what its worth):

pre-tec = 1.8

3 mths in = 1.0

6 mths in = 1.2

in any event, if my numbers fell too low, the vendor i believe would refuse me further packages of drug. until i no doubt signed some liability waiver document (gotta love these litigious north american types).

so, your body takes an initial hit. if you are lucky this is neither tremendous nor unassailable. and then a slightly lower than normal service resumes…

i was told an initial reduction of about 50% and my latest reading correlates with the above stated 30% less than usual. however i was also told that a level of 1.0 was a perfectly acceptable lower end of ‘normal’.

I wasn’t told any of this : /

not so blissful ignorance? demand answers! good luck :slight_smile:

I suspect my problem is that I just don’t ask questions in the first place, so unless the info is volunteered I remain ignorant. But immediately asking questions triggered by something I’ve heard is one of the things I’m rarely able to do, that’s a definite NOPE on brain’s to (not) do list.