Team Tena

Hello All,

I know it’s late and we all should be catching up on our beauty sleep, but want to share my news with people who understand.

I finally had to admit after a few small accidents that I needed to join team tena lady, especially after relapse that I seem to be coming through the other side of now(going back to work on Tuesday after a month off).

But just got back from a well deserved (if you ask me that is!) night out and even though I had one or two (hiccup) pints I managed to hold my bladder and make it to the ladies every time!!

I’m really proud of myself and wanted to share because I know that a lot of you know excatly what I’m saying and understand.

I never imagined that at the tender age of 32 I would of thought of this as a victory, but revelling in it tonight!

And the barman asked me for my I.D!!!


Go Becky!