taste buds

I think I’ve overdone it on the green chillies. I had friends for dinner on Saturday and I cooked a variety of curries, an okra bhaji, a chicken tandoori masala and a dal.

I cooked it all fairly mild for my guests, creamy, yoghurty, but I added a few green chillies, and had a few chopped on a side plate for my taste. Naturally I ate these and enjoyed, but my guests who’d had the milder version were crying and calling the fire brigade within seconds.

What have I done that I can’t feel the pain that they felt? Have I burnt my taste buds through green chilli use (or abuse) over the years?

Is it ms laughing at me? Is it my friends being wimpish? Am I an alien? Do I care?

I would have liked my friends to have a lovely dinner party here. I think next time a simple English meal will be best!


Agree it could be that old chestnut, “an MS thing”.

So for tonight one large Rioja sans green chilis on the side, just in case :wink:


Hi Mark,

I lived in Asia for some years and started out with little chilli tolerance, but by the time we came back to the UK, I could eat them easily. I enjoyed the burn. They do desensitise the tongue a bit, but watch out for your rear end. The ‘ring of fire’ song is apt.

Also, beware of Pimientos de Padron. These are also called Tapas Chillies and they go from 0 on the heat scale to OMG!!!.

I had one once, that continued burning in my esophagus and stomach for 30 minutes, despite frantic drinks of milk and yoghourt. Best to nibble the end and see how hot they are.

I love chillies and love the endorphin high that they can give you. We call it ‘chilli rush’.

Not sure about the Rioja and chilli mix though…

best wishes,