Over Sensitive Tongue buds

Does anyone suffer with extremely sensitive taste? My mouth began to burn painfully over 10yrs ago. Even pepper & mustard s too much I eat bland food but today a Strepsil throat lozenge burned my tongue severely within seconds. It felt like I was running the hottest chillis over a cut.

Just wonder if anyone here has experienced or heard of this.

Oh no, that sounds horrible Chrissie. I’ve not. I hope it’s not too mean to hope someone else has, and hopefully has a solution.


Hi Sue, it is very painful but has to be the nerves of taste buds. I’ve always had Neuro pain from head to toe which opiates help to control & I’m ok. Until it’s time to eat. I’m fed up of other’s saying “No, this is very mild, there’s hardly no spices” so I take as bite then my tongue burns because the chef has seasoned with pepper! No-one else is affected & think I’m taking the mickey.

We don’t eat out or order take aways anymore. Like you, I don’t wish it on anyone but hope someone here can shed some light on this symptom. xxx