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Really a questions for the mods, but may help others. After deciding to fall over while carrying my laptop, and in so doing chucking it accross the room, my hard drive decided that this was the final straw and excused itself. Anyway, I am now back on line after fitting a new hard drive and reinstalling everything. Now they new hard drive is much faster and vastly improved on the old one, so every cloud and all that. However while I was waiting for it to arrive, and reinstalling everything on it, I was forced to use my mobile to keep up with the emails and fora I am a member of. Now the MSS Forum appears on tapatalk, yet whenever i tried to access it all I got was an 'unable to connect  contact the administrator" mesage, can this be made to work, as I do quite a lot of my forum participation on the way to and from work on tapatalk, so it would be really handy to have here on it as well.