I’m sure when this new forum first went live there was mention of it being available on tapatalk. I can find it there, but it always said it can’t connect. Has anyone else had any success?

I asked the same question some time ago.
The answer I got was that it used to be enabled on the old forum but not since they moved to this current one.
They were going to ask if it could be set up on the new one but I never heard any more since.

So either there is not enough demand for them to bother or the new forum is incompatible with this new(ish) forum.
I did contact Tapatalk who said they would look into taking it off the list, so to speak, to avoid confusion. I guess this has not been done.

A word either way wouldn’t go a miss though.

There is only one MS forum that seems to use it now, so unless you visit other types of forum, it is of limited use.
I do quite like it though.


It’s an app that makes forum viewing easier on devices like iphones.

I would visit here using it if it was on there.