Tally Ho...............Chocks away Ginger

Greetings, and may you and the weather be better than expected.On tuesday,me,friend Carol and her Lad are going flying in a Piper Cherokee,oh not forgetting Adam the pilot.For a few years things have caused me to worsen and I’ve worked out that Atmospheric Pressure and Humidity have got to answer for a lot of stuff.

The only people with the gear to simulate increasing altitude are the Military.The hyperbaric units can only go down,so to speak and the twice I did the Oxygen Therapy I was knackered with a capital F for a couple of days after each time.Three years ago I had an MR Venogram done in Frankfurt,and that showed bad stenosises? in the Carotid veins.Anything vaso-constrictive flattens me.High atmospheric pressure and some drugs do this but alcohol is a vaso-dilator and used to help quite a bit…

The plan is to head to the Lake District away from the controlled busy airspace around Liverpool,the Wirral and North Wales.Adam assures me that we’ll get to 8,000’ and be there for a while.We’ve got 90 minutes and if I can get comfy in the back the Lad will be in the front and will be having a go.He doesn’t know this, so big surprise for him.

I’ve had my theory for a few years and seeing as how the US Federal Drug Administration has stopped virtually all clinics in Europe performing the Liberation Procedure,it seemed time to try something.What finally swayed me was the study and conclusions in this link

I’m not sure where it came from,might have been from here.If you put it up,thanks, and I reckon it’s a good way to spend £300 of my mobility money.I reckon I’ll be aware of any changes,good, bad or ugly,and then I might need a helicopter to go for a hover every day,

When I know you will,

Wb <(L)>

Hope it works for you.

Helicopter flights on NHS? Put it forward, eh?


Good idea Poll, but even if I walked away from the aircraft on my hands the ‘experts’ would say it was placebo,or anything to ensure I wasn’t right

Wb xx

Just looked att the link, has anyone raised their bed. It would be great if something this simple could help. Anyone willing to give it a go…good luck and keep us imformed. Zoe

Hi Zoe,I raised the bedhead three years ago,but occasionally my feet swell up so I raise the other endm and to avoid sleeping like a banana drop the head.I’ll never know if raising the bed has made any difference but it doesn’t cost much,so liking a bargain,why not.

When I know you will

Wb x

CHOCKS AWAY - Wobly - have a good flight. l doubt there is a loo on board - so take a bottle. l shall be interested in the outcome, as like you, l too have blocked jugular. Right side is very restricted when facing forward and looking to the right. So as long as l walk in circles to the left - the blood will flow. And like you - nobody thinks this is damaging my health. Because l have MS. lf l didn’t have ms - it would be treated.


Thanks F,the Piper Cherokee has very little of anything,and I’ve made the decision to travel with an empty bladder as the drop in pressure might let things flow that we don’t need.I understand how you’re being treated,but the term Liberation became toxic and the drug companies keep making their Billions.If the NHS helped one of us and the results were good the rest would want help.I can’t afford to get to California for the Liberation,so dreamed up this silliness,

When I know you will

Biggles x