Talking to the neuro

Hi everyone,

I have seen the neurologist for the first time a few weeks ago, through a referral from my gp who stated in the letter to the neuro that I was being referred for tremor. This is correct, my main symptom at the time was tremor (amongst a host of other things!). Due to that, the neuro was only concerned with the tremor, and the appointment seemed so rushed that I couldn’t talk about my other symptoms.

I have been concerned for a while that it is due to MS, but have not mentioned this to either the gp or the neuro. In the last week, I have been experiencing excruciating pains in the right side of my jaw (which the dentist could not find a source for). Indeed, it doesn’t feel like a dental problem, the pain is not worse when I eat/bite.

My question is: should I just tell the doc/neuro that I am concerned about it being MS? I know I am in no way qualified to diagnose myself but I feel like I am beating around the bush waiting for them to come up with something. I am worried about being diagnosed as being a hypochondriac!


What did the neuro say about the tremor ? I would Deffo go back to your gp and tell them your concerns .

Kat x

The neuro prescribed gabapentin (100mg three times a day) which has has little effect. I managed to squeeze in that I was having balance and vision problems, and he decided to do an MRI (no contrast) which I had done two weeks ago. My follow-up appointment with the neuro isn’t until the 31st July.

Should I go back to the gp and say that I am worried that it is MS? I have various other symptoms which suggest the same condition. I have listed these on paper, along with the timescales, so perhaps I should take the list too? I am terrified that the gp will just laugh at me and think I’m an attention seeker or something, but this is really affecting my life.

I think you should express your concerns to the gp and see what they say . I think it’s good an mri has been done and if anything 'bad 'shows up , then I’m sure they will let you know . I would try not to panic about Ms at this stage though .

I had to go to the GP twice in one week and crying the second time before he refered me. But my GP still thinks All of my many symptoms are just in my head/muscular even though he knows my pain isnt affected by movement fight your case. Be really honest with the GP, they do care, they just dont want to worry yo unnecesarily