doctors are talking ms

I recently got referred to neuro but have had a bad week with being in A n E also being seen by stroke nurse. Had to make appointment with doctor today about this week. Every doctor or nurse that I have seen are talking to me like I have ms. My gp has spoke a lot about it today and has referred me urgently now. Had phone call from neuro appointment is next week. Im so overwhelmed by it all and already feel they have labelled me. I have noticeable weakness on right side apparently. Has anyone had an urgent referral with all doctors and nurses talking like you have it buy indeed have not had it? Clutching at straws really. Very frightened off this road only 27 and a mum of 3. How do you get through this process without cracking? Xxx

Hi Jo,

Yes I have had urgent referral and they were pretty much labelling me when I had optic neuritis (after many years of avoiding the whole thing with other symptoms and hoping the random symptoms would go away). Whatever it is, at least you are getting to see the right people quickly which is better than years of not knowing but it is really scary (I am 34 year old single mother) and good support helps a lot from wherever you can get it - family, friends, this forum, the helpline… I hopefully get my results tomorrow after waiting for 4 weeks and am really scared so understand completely that aspect of what you are going through. Just try and take it slowly, rest when you have to, don’t be too hard on yourself when it all gets a bit much and take things one day at a time. I really hope that they help you and the process is not too long for you. Take care x

Yes, this is one tough process to be going through. On the edge of crumbling al the time. People are all here for each other.x

Hi Jo It is a tough process and everyone on here will help you as much as we can through it, if it’s about questions around test or just here to listen to you, the support is here. Your GP and the hospital has taken your symptoms very seriously and referring straight away which will help to speed things up as often it can take a long time just to be referred. I don’t know if you have had an MRI scan already, if not it’s likely you will get sent for one if they are suggesting possible MS. I was diagnosed at the end of last year, everything is still pretty new to me. I too was like you frightened (still am sometimes) about the road a head being a mum and only 29 but I now try and take each day as it comes and have had so much support from the lovely people on this site. Please keep us updated on how your journey goes. There has been people on here who had been told is likely MS then it was ruled out. Take care Polly x

Thank you so much for the replies it has helped alot and great to know I am not alone. Does anyone ever feel that maybe this is all a dream or that maybe you are thinking these things up? (Sounds silly I know) sometimes I think to myself why am I making such a fuss but probably me being in denial. I have great support in my partner but sometimes I think he struggles to believe what its like. I have not yet had an mri but have appointment with neuro this week so shall see whats what then. Hopefully I shall get a slap and say wake up you are fine. Good luck today sarahmaybe keep posted please. How long is the process of seeing neuro to diagnosis? Polly how do you cope with it especially being young and a mum? Sorry for your diagnosis did you ever believe you didnt actually have it? SSunnydaylover how far are you in the process? Fingers crossed Thank you for your support xxxx

Hi Jo I have good days and bad, my son is 9 so he knew something was up as my walking was first affected. I try and be open as much as I can with him and on days where I’m not feeling so good we still spend lots of quality time together watching films and colouring in rather than going out. I get a lot of support from family and friends, at first I didn’t want to ask for help as was in denial that I didn’t need it but have since realised there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. I didn’t think I had MS at first, my first attack was at summer last year. I had MRI and lumber puncture and both showed positive signs of MS but as it was my first known attack I was diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome. I was told we would need to wait and see if it was a one off as it can happen or would I have further attacks. I thought I don’t have anymore I don’t have it but I did have another attack,so I was scanned again and was then diagnosed. There is a few young mums that post of the everyday living forum who have children, some have a couple of children at various ages, so there’s support here for you when you need it. Polly x