Taking a carer on holiday

Anyone have experience of the above? Specifically do you know of any agency/charity which finds carers to accompany on holiday abroad?


my carers would-i have enquired but have not done so.

i am aware to can go to places where care is provided when u r there.


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Yeah, I have sussed that out, but for us the whole getting to the airport, through the airport, off/on the plane and the other side is alos a big, big part of where we need the help. And yes we know all about asssisted passage and where it falls down. We’re coming to the conclusion we may need a “assistant” to get around!!

Just making some research. Figured there might be travellers here who had done this sort of thing before.


Yes, of course! There are a lot of agencies that offer private care for people abroad. Me and my family wanted to go italy for a few days but my dad has been struggling with his mobility for quite a while and needs a lot of help to walk around. We actually decided to get a carer for him because we knew it would be really difficult for us to help him, especially because we wanted to see quite a few places. we got in touch with quite a few agencies but ended up going with Guardian Carers. the carer they gave us so lovely and professional, she helped my dad so much and always did her job so well!!! i would recommend getting a carer for your holiday.

there are a few agencies we contacted ​

hope this helps and good luck with your search