Symptoms that are just in MS

What are the symptoms of MS that aren’t in another medical condition such as FND or Fibromyalgia ( I have fibromyalgia but not FND)


I have found something online with fibromyalgia vs MS I pretty much have more symptoms of MS than fibromyalgia now I need to find out what symptoms are in MS but not FND


Caveat - I’m not a medic, just someone who took 8 years to diagnose.

The symptom which could not be explained away was “binocular diplopia” - and that was the turning point for my diagnosis.

Eye problems like ON, double vision, visual field loss etc, sudden deafness in one ear, sudden weakness in one limb etc are the MS things that come to mind in my own MS experience that didn’t look like anything else. Come to think of it, the deafness didn’t even look terribly like MS, but the MRI scan showed that it was.

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I’m confused -

I have lots of MS Symptoms persistently but no lesions or demyelination on MRI.

However I see people posting who have lots of lesions with minimal symptoms.

I’m confused because I have been told there is no demyelination or but I have all these crazy symptoms!

What do I do now?