symptoms, please advise?

Dear All. I haven’t been on for a while but I could do with some advice. Like most, I have a number of symptoms, amongst them: dizziness, pins and needles, pain, numbness, extreme fatigue, tremors etc. I have RRMS and am taking: gabapentin, amitriptyline and codeine when the pain is bad. I have just quit plegridy. For some time now, as well as all of the other symptoms I have an overwhelming weird feeling. I liken it to feeling stonned. When I explain this to anyone, people, including professionals say ‘lucky you’. But I don’t feel lucky. It is nauseating, profoundly debilitating and leaves me feeling vulnerable. Does anyone share this feeling?

warmest thoughts to you all Ali

Hello Ali

Feeling stoned sucks. It’s a horrible feeling. And I will admit to having been stoned in the past and disliking it.

If Plegridy made you feel out of it, then it’s not helping. Years ago (2002!), I took Avonex, which is the earlier version of interferon beta 1a and it gave me terrible cognitive side effects.

There are other drugs that won’t do that. For example, in the same group is Copaxone, which I took for a few years and had no side effects from. Obviously there’s also Tecfidera, which is a good drug and could work well, but you do have to plan your food around the drug.

Best of luck.


Thank you Sue,

I have come off plegridy in case it is making me feel stoned. I would have paid money to feel like this as a teenager but on top of everything else, it is getting me down. I have bright, dark and darker days. Today is the latter? Do hope that you are well. Love Ali

Morning Patience, i was put on gabapentin and it made me feel awful stoned and weird. I hated the feeling stopped it and the feeling went.

I sometimes have like a hangover feeling which i put down to MS fog. but i know a few people on gabapentin who suddenly had this stoned feeling, it could be them.