Why do I feel ill all of the time?

Dear All, I know that we all struggle differently and I am sorry if my struggles are small, however, I feel ill all of the time.

I have RRMS and take plegridy but I feel as though I have a horrid bout of flu. And it never ceases. I live on paracetamol and codeine. I always ache all over. My eyes are dry, my mouth is dry, my body is sore. I feel lifeless. I feel as though I have been poisoned?

Does anyone else else suffer from constant flu like symptoms?

warmest thanks Ali

Hi Ali

Have you talked about this with your MS nurse / neurologist?

I’m wondering whether you might think about changing DMDs? It’s not that I know flu like symptoms can continue for longer than 24 hours after the injection, but I suspect any untoward symptoms like you are suffering could be a side effect from a DMD.

When I had awful cognitive problems taking Avonex, it took me a few months to actually connect the drug with the side effect. Then I did and missed a dose of Avonex the night before I had a neurology appointment. Then I could actually explain to the neuro and nurse what was happening to me. It was my first MS drug and I knew nothing whatsoever about MS, drugs, anything. So I didn’t realise that an inability to think was being caused by the drug.

Since then, I’ve learned a thing or two. And so my first inclination is to consider whether the drug is causing the problem. It’s not like there aren’t a few other options open nowadays. I was using Avonex in 2002!! There were only 4 DMDs available then.

Sue x

Hi Ali,

I keep hearing people talking about flu-like symptoms. I’ve got PPMS and don’t take a DMD and I have them occasionally - aching joints, pain behind the eyes etc - although it never develops into flu.

It could be a sign of the infection, or body fighting infection, that makes us feel like this. Sue knows much more about this than I do but could you ask for a course of steroids?

Best wishes,


I think its a reaction to your DMD.

It must be miserable for you to feel like that. I do mildly when i have overdone it or my fatigued is high, but i dont take anything like DMD. talk to your MS team hun. x