Plegridy and me

This is my first post! I was officially diagnosed December 2022 after 7 years of symptoms I have been taking Plegridy for a while now but the side effects are no better I have flu symptoms and balance issues for 4/5 days after injecting and I inject every other week. To say it gets me down is an understatement anyone have any suggestions of how to make it easier? Thank in advance x

Hi, I had exactly the same experience with Plegridy. Really bad flu symptoms for 24hours after each two week dose.
My advice would be speak to your MS nurse ASAP and ask to change treatment. There are alternatives available. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

I would try another drug. There are plenty of them, and you have given this one a fair go. No point worsening your quality of life in the here-and-now, when there are other things that might do the job while suiting you much better.

Hi, this is my first post. I gave up Plegridy after two months. I had about two good days out of a fortnight where I felt ok. The rest were awful. Just about to start Tecfidera which is why I am on the forum. Just posting my query about that on a new post.

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