symptoms getting stranger ..MRI.. inconclusive white spots, lumbar puncture next

Hugs my pudding friend X

Hey Puddinglover, don’t be scared, life is just too short for that! hugs

Arwen, I puposefully changed my FB pic to one where you couldn’t even see my legs… but I’m feeling like my Westwood heels may need a little outing now…I sold them a long time ago tho :wink: It’s my pole dancing shoes that are currently making me want to weep! I’m even keeping one pair of Bloch split heel dance trainers as I might want them as they’re flat lol x

Good luck next week Pudding x

I still have all my heels, can’t part with them yet! But I’ll need to let them go soon to make room for all the new flats I plan on buying.

Put the Westwood shoe pic on and please don’t sell the pole dancing shoes Axx

Aw Arwen, I’ve seriously got to… I own too much stuff (and I might need to move), have horrid credit card bills and I’m self-employed with likely PPMS…and obviously, already quit the part time job! I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m having such a moody over it :wink: x

AvrilD, Received my report from him today… ringing my gp tomorrow. It says i also have degenerative disc disease, he didnt tell me this… and that if my other symptom persist or i develop new symptoms he will send me for a lumbar puncture??? i rang his secutary and he confirmed that he had already refered me for one??? as he told me he would. Dont have any confidence in this man. Oh if i do have to see him again i will be telling him exactly how i feel. Hope your hands are not too bad at the moment. x

Sonia thanks, will look into that.

Did he not give you any idea what could be causing the spots then? Mind you my neuro who was lovely said that he was looking for evidence of ms at present but when I asked what else it could be wouldn’t be drawn just said lets see what bloods and mri show Axx

Arwen …His words were, it could be something or could be nothing, in the letter to my gp he has put that it could be due to demyelination, but ischaemic injury also needs to be considered. In the letter to the hospital that i will be having my lumbar puncture he has asked them to do routine investigations as well as for oligoclonal bands and cytology. I have an app. on Friday with GP to go over everything. x