Mri results


I was wondering if anyone can relate to this.

My Consultant has said there are a few white spots on my mri but that the radiogist thinks its nothing. He has referred me for a lumbar puncture test now (scary).

Has anyone any idea what these white spots could be, my neuro said I could have the early stages of ms, could these white spots be the early stages of leigons.

Also has anyone any experience of a lumber puncture

Any advice would be appriecated

Hi Kerry, The white spots could be ms but could also be a whole host of other things too. I think things like age and vit deficiencies can cause spots or lesions, so try not to worry yourself too much (easier said than done I know!). Sounds like your neuro is on the ball with things. I had a lumbar puncture and I was terrified before hand. The reality for me was nothing like I had feared. It didn’t hurt as the area was numbed first, couldn’t see what was happening either but the neuro told me what she was doing, it was all done in about 20 mins. I was made to lie flat for an hour afterwards to try and avoid the headache that you can get, which I didn’t know before hand, so my advice is to take a book…unless you find hospital ceilings particularly interesting!! Drinking caffeine (coffee and regular coke) can minimise the risk of the headache. also. I was a little tender the next day but it really was fine. Hope that helps you a little bit, best of luck. Laura x

Thanks for the response laura it makes it all the better to cope with when you hear someone having a positive experience. I have been so lucky to have my neuro he is as you say on the ball. He is also my mother and brothers neuro (they both have ms) so he really is looking after me well

Thanks again

Hi it depends where the white spots are, ms lesions are area specific and follow a certain pattern. There are lots of other causes including migraine. The consultant can read an MRI though and should be able to explain for you.

Hi Daisy

The consultant has just said that there are a few white spots and the radioligist thinks they are not significant, that is why he is referring me for a lumbar puncture.

The neuro has always been very honest in saying he is confident it is ms so this mri being so vague is a bit of a surprise

Hi, I haven’t had an MRI yet (soon I hope) and no diagnosis but my neuro explained that 5% of the population have unexplained white spots which mean nothing. Doesn’t help you I know but it could be that having those spots is normal for your brain. Hope the lumber puncture isn’t too bad. Helen

Heres hoping Helen

I am thinking it could be a trapped nerve but I assume that would have shown up on an mri also.

Hi Kerry I had a lumber puncture and I was fine throughout it. I would take Lauras advice a take a book as they have you lying down for a couple of hours to avoid headaches afterwards. I did know that so was lying there bored clock watching as it dragged in afterwards. :slight_smile: Hope all goes well. Polly x

Hi Kerry

I’ve had neuro symptoms for 21/2 years and seen neuro’s for the past 2. My first MRI spine and brain showed non-specific white spots too. As the others have said they can be caused by vit deficiencies migraines and even age etc. However in light of having MS like symptoms your neuro is being thorough in wanting to rule everything out. My current neuro who is an MS specialist has looked at my scans and said they’re not typical MS white spots but I have seen many patients with similar scans to you go on to develop MS so in light of having a couple more episodes of things happen I am now due to have a LP repaet MRI’s and evoked potential tests. I don’t have a conclusive diagnosis I’m possible MS.

Don’t panic having read my post - as I said your neuro is just being extra thorough here and knows that not all patients present typically. my neurologist has made the decision that I am possible MS on the basis of my history and symptoms not just the MRI. By doing the LP he’s looking for further evidence to support this and he’s also repeating my MRI to see if there have been any changes. If your LP is fine your neuro is reassurred he can ignore those white spots at this stage then and try and look elsewhere for answers to the cause of your symptoms.

Good luck