Symptoms after general anaesthetic?


This is the first time I have ever posted on here and I have had MS symptoms for 18 years and had a definate diagnosis for 8 years. I am 36 years old and have had my first ever operation this week (unrelated to MS) and wondered if anyone else had any strange MS symptoms following a general anaesthetic. My operation was for breast cancer, as if having MS wasn’t enough! Stress normally brings on my symptoms but so far so good. A bit scared that the actual surgery might now bring something on. Worried that if it does the high dose steroids will stop my wounds healing and delay my chemotherapy. Aarrgghh! Any help or experiences would be greatly received.


Hello Mandy and welcome,

So sorry to hear about your op’ but pleased you are on the road to recovery. I have had surgery whilst having MS (although I didn’t know it at the time). I’m sure your doc’s are only to aware of the maybe’s or maybe not’s. High dosage of steroids should help aliviate ms from rearing it’s head. I am not a doctor but am sure that they are watchful for any signs or symptoms so get yourself over the op’ and worry only if somethning does occur. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Take care.



Hello Mandy

Welcome, glad you found us. Sorry to hear of your operation and wishing you a speedy recovery. On the subject of MS and surgery, I had an operation a few years ago under general anaesthetic and it had no effect on my MS at all. I had been concerned beforehand so posted a similar question to yours on here and the overwhelming responses came back that MS wasn’t affected with no resulting relapses due to the surgery or the GA. Hope that helps.

Best wishes for the future Mandy


Many thanks for your replies. Have been feeling a bit rough today so only just read your posts. I am taking each day as it comes and trying not to worry but that is easier said than done. It’s hard not to put things down to your MS, it usually gets the blame for everything! Glad you were ok after your ops and I am sure that in a few weeks I will wonder what I was worrying about.

Thanks again



So sorry to hear about the breast cancer. Hope all is well.

I have had several major ops after MS Dx and they haven’t had any impact on the MS.

But if you were to have any increase in MS symptoms it wouldn’t be classed as a relapse but as a pseudo-relapse as there are other causes for the symptoms ie. stress, surgery, so steroids wouldn’t be of any use.

I really doubt they would give you steroids anyway as they reduce wound healing and increase the risk of infection, neither of which are desirable after surgery.

Hope you make a good recovery,


Thanks Belinda

Feeling brighter today, good days, bad days I suppose. I wouldn’t want the steroids because of the reasons you said but then worry what state I would be left in if I didn’t have them. Sorry to hear that you have had to have so many ops but glad you came through them unscathed on the MS front.

Thanks for your support. I will continue to take it easy.