MS symptoms after operations

Hi All,

I had my gallbladder removed just over 3 weeks ago, thankfully that’s all in the mend, but can i ask if anyone has had their MS symptoms worsen after an operation?
My legs are so much weaker than before and i am also advanced secondary so I’m not sure if the Dr will give me steroids but they could work to get me maybe to how i was before this op.
Has anyone experienced anything and any advice please.
Would be greaful x

Hi, also had my gallbladder out a few years ago, and was ill for 3 months after with much worse MS symptoms. My gallbladder was badly infected as well as with all stones - so I had to recover from sepsis as well. I was given iv drips for 10 days and Penicillin. So no steroids. I would just wait for your body to heal.

All the best - get well soon.

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That must have been so hard

Thank you for replying to my post, so i had my op on the 15th April and i am still struggling .
My Neurologist said that my MS wouldnt be triggered off by a operation, which i really found odd.
He just said its only progression of my MS and that i just have to except it now.
He made my husband really annoyed as he wasn’t incouraging in any way.
So i am waiting for a MRI of the brain and spine as I’m in so much back pain that i just can’t do anything anymore.
Lets see…anyway you