Swollen tongue

Hi everyone Just a quick question my tongue feels like its swollen, is that possible or am I imagining it? And my speach seems to be a little worse than normal - cant find the right words, saying the wrong ones etc, am I to giddy and excited for chrimbo or is this another joy of having ppms?? X

I am currently eating chocolate & drinking red wine to see if that helps :slight_smile: x

Sounds very MS to me Ruth. Unfortunately I find excitement really does me in… It seems to act in the same way as stress. It’s always worth getting things checked out with GP just in case something else is going on, but I have experienced the swollen tongue feeling and I think all of us will relate to the problems with words and speech. I know it’s hard when you are feeling excited, but try to calm yourself down if at all possible. Sorry that makes me sound like an old ‘bah humbug’… You can just go with and accept that it will affect your MS. Hope this helps… It does help sometimes to know it’s your bad elf playing up! Pat x

I agree with Pat, excitement has the same effect on me as stress, but trying to remain totally oblivious to the world around you I find difficult.

I wish I could be like a friend of mine, they are so laid back about everything, they are almost horizontal!

Pam x

Hi, swollen tongue is quite a common symptom of B12 defiency. Have you had yours checked? I am in limboland and have several diagnosis’s put on table eg PPMS, SPMS, radiation myelopathy and now subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord caused by B12 defiency. I have just started regular B12 injections and have noticed that tongue has shrunk - I reakon it has been swollen for years!

Moyna xxx

Hi again, after reading Moyna’s post, if your tongue is actually swollen then yes could be b12 deficiency. With ms the tongue can FEEL swollen but looks same as usual. I sometimes also get pins and needles on tongue… Not a whole bunch of fun… Pat x

OOOO pins and needles on your tonuge sounds like a really strange sensation Pat. Not sure I could or want to calm down about Christmas MS has taken so much fun out of me in the short 6 months I have had it I am not letting it get the better of me at Christmas, I will (for now) take the extra symptoms. I have really struggled in this wind with walking today, and I have had a pyshio appointment and a counselling appointment (I already had my counsellor before all this for the horrendous breakup with my ex) so I am at work but really want to be at home snuggled in front of the fire - oh well role on 2.30 as its early finish day for me :slight_smile: Thanks for all your advise I will make an appointment with the doc now. I know my Vit B was checked at my nuro apt and I take Vit B but always worth getting it checked again x

Mine hasn’t noticeably swollen BUT I did abandon eating dinner one day last week, after I managed to bite the same spot twice - on the underneath(!) of my tongue!

I guessed it was a co-ordination thing but I may have been rushing a little, I’m not too sure… it really wasn’t nice tho, so I just stopped eating. I knew if I made it worse then it was going to cause more problems in the coming days. It was fine though the next day tho :wink:

As for finding the right words. I regularly struggle with that!

Sonia x

Pat, that sounds awful! :frowning:

Sonia xx

I get that feeling of having a swollen tongue too, it makes it hard to speak properly, and eat/drink. For the last few days I ve had the feeling that my feet are massively swollen, and they are so sore, but they look perfectly normal!

Drives you crackers doesn’t it?!

Hope it eases up for you soon Ruthy! I’m sure the choccy and vino will ease it a bit!