Swam 8 lengths then did some leg and torso stretching exercises in the pool.

8 hours late I feel a lot less stiff but I feel absolutely c*** to the point that I feel like going to bed.

What is happening - am I overdoing it - didn’t feel it difficult doing the 8 lengths.

Anyone else find swimming causes problems?

hi krakowian

the exercise will have helped with your stiffness.

the F…fatigue (it’s vulgar language that i use) will have kicked in too.

so it’s a case of “shall i alleviate my stiffness and stay awake?” or “shall i stay awake a little longer with all my stiffness?”

my poor mum had bad arthritis and had medication for it but she also has an hiatus hernia which was made worse by the arthritis medication. so she had a similar decision to make each morning.

why not try 4 lengths? 2 lengths?

if you can find the most you can do without the rest of your day going to pot, you’ll be able to gradually increase it.

good luck and happy new year to you

carole x

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for me swimming is a double edged exercise, the support from the water is great and I am able to exercise with less fear of falling. However the heat and humidity really wipe me out. My energy level measurement and management are not great but I need to be triple cautious while swimming other wise I can not get out of the pool or dress myself!

Take care. Mick

I have been going to an Aqua Fit class over the last month or so. I love it and am amazed how much I can do, unfortunately it’s taking me longer and longer to recover. So no more it really isn’t worth the two to three days recovery.

Jan x

I love swimming. Though it can make me feel very sleepy, at least it feels like a comfortable tiredness. A 20min nap usually revives me. It is the getting changed and showered etc that can be a challenge, so I try to take that slowly.

I’d say keep giving it a go, it’s a nice feeling if nothing else, and those can be in short supply for us!

Good luck



I’m not a confident swimmer but have been going for a couple of years now. I try to go twice a week and aim for 16 lengths each time - BUT I don’t always achieve either of those targets. Sixteen seems to be the optimum number for me - on the now rare occasions when I’ve done 18 I’ve felt dreadful afterwards, even though I thought I felt up to doing an extra couple at the time. I’ve built up the number of lengths over the 2 years I’ve been going… I’m always in the ‘slow’ lane, and I frequently stop for a rest. Yes I do feel tired afterwards so try to make sure I can relax for the rest of the day , but it’s worth it for me.

I would say it’s important to listen to what your body is saying - sometimes you’ll be able to ‘push on’ and do a bit more than you initially feel like, and others you’ll think “no that’s enough”.

Hope you’re able to stick with it and enjoy the benefits.


I have commented on swimming here before. I go on most days, first thing in the morning, usually 8-10 length, aqua classes about once a week. Love it, my perfect way of exercising!