Swelling and pain


I’ve just been diagnosed with MS and currently have lost my sight in my left eye and my leg is bit numb. However over the last two days my left forearm has become very swollen and painful. Is this another symptom of the MS or something else?

Hello Jennifer

Having lost your sight in one eye is enough!!

Your left arm however, is possibly MS, and possibly not. It depends on what brought it on (ie injury or sleeping funny or with absolutely nothing). And what it feels like, plus whether movement or using it makes it worse.

I suggest you phone your MS nurse, assuming you have one. And if you don’t, find out how to get in touch with the MS nurses for your area and ask them. (I’m guessing you perhaps won’t have an MS nurse yet as you’ve said your diagnosis is quite new.)

It’s a sharp learning curve, having newly diagnosed MS. Eventually you’ll be all too aware of how things affect you and what you might do about odd new symptoms.


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