Don’t really know what to think about this. Noticed this week I’m having some swallowing problems, but doesnt seem to be all the time, notice it mostly at night and I’m fine with a meal but it’s thr last mouthful I can’t swallow. Like the rest goes down because it’s pushed down by the next? But the last just seems to sit there. I can drink fine. I chew my food well. I drink plenty. Seems only noticeable in the evening too, which seems weird? But even in bed last night and tonight, having problems even swallowing saliva. Had to get up last night to try clear my mouth and drink lots so I could clear it to feel comfortable breathing so could go to sleep. I dont know what to think anymore. Have video urodynamics next week, will see what they say aand try get through that but my gp has written me off because i have chronic fatigue on my records now, so wont touch anything he cant throw anyibiotics at as clearly thinks its all in my head. :confused:

Seems very odd that you can swallow water but not saliva. That suggests a problem with the saliva not the swallowing.

I don’t know. Like you say not having any trouble drinking but then dont really have to do much, I can pretty muh just pour squash in, it flows and gravity…! But saliva doesnt flow by itself and just seems to stick there. But noticing today in day last mouthful of food seems stuck at top of throat. Wasnt anything that’s hard or anything like that. I dont know whats the issue, may be completely unconnected to everything, and thats how GPs approach everything anyway, every symptom separately… Just unpleasant esp at night

[quote=AliceInLimboland]I don’t know. Like you say not having any trouble drinking but then dont really have to do much, I can pretty muh just pour squash in, it flows and gravity…! [/quote If I do that I choke or get liquid dribbling out of my mouth! If it just slips down your throat without swallowing then either you or me have problems. See your GP it’s what they are there for. Jan

That’s not good. Can you see a different GP in the practice? Just because you have chronic fatigue, that’s no reason to investigate and treat new symptoms as they appear. As I’m sure you’re well aware, just because you have one condition doesn’t mean you can’t have or develop something else and if he takes that attitude with all his patients, he could potentially miss something serious.

Keep pestering until he takes you seriously or find another GP.

Thank you Mitzi. I did see a different dr in the end, and she was great. In fact she was frustrated by my history and that nobody was looking at the big picture and like me felt that it was likely all the different symptoms could be connected. She thought a neurologist would be a good idea but is writing to my current consultant to flag up whats been going on since I saw him 6 months ago and suggest he refers me on. So that was promising and I finally felt like someone was seeing me and not writing me off. Unfortunately she didnt think she had any medication that would help with the swallowing and like me she’s hoping it will resolve itself as my other flare ups do… Thanks for listening.

hi alice

i have heard about people seeing speech therapists to help with swallowing issues, but maybe this is when they are in danger of choking.

great that you have seen a gp who is taking you seriously

carole x