I am currently seeking work after finishing a fixed term contract in April. I am applying for part time work. Some employers have been suspicious as to the reason why I am only looking for Part time work because I am single with no children but I dont see the need at that point to raise my MS. I have had loads of interviews where I have mentioned my MS but never get the job. I do request feedback of the interview and am being told that the interview was excellent but they say there was someone more experienced than me. The jobs I am applying for are ones where I have had over 15 years experience. Am I being overley suspicious that my MS is putting them off, should I not mention it or is it likely that there was someone better suited to the job than me. The majority of jobs have been general admin jobs. Emma

Hi Emma I can’t help you directly but you may find this info from the government handy…¶m=DG_4000219&utn=0bc279853884451897b1201109051046 Its a link regarding questions that can or can not be asked and the law… Strudders

Hi Emma ! I never told people in interviews that I had MS. I would only tell them after I had got the job and been doing it long enough to prove that I could do it. Maybe you should try this and see how you get on ? Good luck

Hi Emma, first can I wish you good luck with your job hunting. I don’ t know if the ms puts them of or not but I must admit I would try to not mention it unless I could do so by turning it into a very positive thing, e.g I have done such and such despite being diagnosed with ms. As for them being suspicious of you only wanting part time work, perhaps you could think of an explanation of that In a more positive light if you think that is making employers suspicious. As for you not having children (hence I suppose needing only a part time job) that is none of their business. To be honest, I don’t really know why an employer would be suspicious of someone only wanting a part time job when that Is the job that you are applying for. Perhaps you could say you have other commitments that take up your time without giving further explanation. Cheryl:)

If I were you I definitely wouldn’t mention MS. It might be illegal for them to discriminate against you because of it, but that won’t stop them doing it and covering it up with the “another candidate was more experienced” malarkey! Wanting part-time work instead of full-time work could be for loads of reasons. Perhaps you want to study? Or maybe you are writing a book? Or training to do a marathon? Or helping out a friend? Or whatever you fancy saying! One of the reasons they are asking is probably that they are worried that you really want a full-time job so as soon as one comes along, you’ll be off (a real hassle for them). So having a solid answer will reassure them, and make it more likely you get the job. It doesn’t have to be an answer that actually happens, e.g., “I would like to do / I’m thinking of doing an Open University course, and don’t want to take on too much at once” - you can just “change your mind” about the OU course once you start work. I hope you get something soon. Good luck! Karen x

I agree with Karen. I would not mention my MS. I would offer them an explanation as to why part time would suit you i.e. you want to study or help out a family member etc. Just keep plodding on, the right job and the right employer will come around. MM