Suspected MS

I have been attending hospital for the last 2 years, initially supected of having fibromylgia, I had an mri done last year which showed 3 brain lesions. These were identified 6 years earlier by another neurologist who thought they could be migraine related. I had an lumber puncture done about 1 month ago and it came back that the spinal fluid was clear. I will see the neurologist at the end of the month. My symptoms are tiredness, heightened skin sensitivy, headaches, weakness in arms/leg/knee, electric shocks occasionally in back and fingers, dizziness, neuralgia, pain in back/legs/neck etc, hearing problems. At my last neuro appt The neurologist identified low Vitamin D, problems with reflex and plantar as well. My doctor says that this means I dont have MS, is this the case if your lumber puncture is normal? Is it also normal to have floaters etc in your vision 4 weeks after a LP. Any advice would be appreciated

Hi Ange

Sorry to hear about all of your symptoms.

I would say try not to second guess what will happen at your neuro appointment - it’s really hard not too, though. I have tried to infer what my neuro was going to say before every appointment and I was wrong every time!

Obviously I am no expert (was only diagnosed in June) but I would say the vit D deficiency, reflex and plantar issues are more indicative of a neuro issue than not. But I could be wrong. Especially since what I am saying contradicts your GP!

I’ve never had a Lumbar Puncture, so I’m afraid I can’t comment on that.

I would say for now, try to relax about it as much as you can (easier said than done, I know) and just wait for your neuro appointment. We can never know what the neuro will say before the appointment and when we try to guess, it makes us crazy

PG xx

Hi, thanks for your response, the Gp i saw did not know any of my history and hadnt read any of my notes other than the last letter from the hospital re the lumber puncture. As you say need to keep an open mind and wait and see approach. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

As I understand it, o-bands in your spinal fluid are an indication that you have MS but not everyone with MS has the o-bands - some people with MS have a normal lumbar puncture.

As for the floaters, I have no idea - it’s probably worth giving your GP a call to check.

Thanks Mitzi, appreciate your response, its all very much up in the air I think until I see my neurologist next friday, I will ask him about the floaters then. One of my friends who was diagnosed with MS said the same as you when I spoke to them last night, their lumber puncture was clear but stil classed as having MS. I think my gp has jumpedthe gun a bit by saying I did not have MS. I will keep you updated as to how I get on.

Remember that only neuros can dignose MS - GPs can’t. Wait until you see the neuro, only he can say yes or no to a dx of MS. And if he thinks you haven’t got MS, he should have some idea of what happens next to find out what you do have.