Surviving a heartatack retraction.


This morning I posted about surviving a heartattack alone by coughing.

Well sorry folks it’s one of those internet myths.

Saw the article and thought thats handy to know and past it on.

Sombody pointed this out and suggested I Google it, well I did.

Evidently it’s partialy true where the confusion comes in is it would work for a Cardiac arrest not a heart attack, I thought they were the same.

You could survive a Cardiac arrest with this technique but unfortunatly you don’t know your having one ( Wikipedia ).


Thank you anyway Ronin. It was very thoughtful of you to post it.

If it ever happens to me I might just try it anyway as trying to remember whether it was ‘breathe deeply’ of ‘cough deeply’ would certainly take my mind off things!

Mags xx

I think I’d be trying to get a lit cigarette between my lips.Good for me,and boy wouldn’t that go viral