Getting up awkwardly from a stool has resulted in extensive tearing of the cartilage in my knee. I am going to have keyhole surgery sometime soon to hopefully fix it. As my mobility is poor (and even more so now) recuperating from the surgery is a bit of an unknown at the moment.

I’m also slightly concerned about the effects of an anaesthetic on my MS, however not having the surgery is not an option. Any reassurance, tips on exercise would be gratefully received.


Hi Sharon, sorry to hear your news. Over the years I’ve known a lot of people on this forum to have general anaesthetic without any ill effect at all.

I live in sheltered housing and know a few people who have had knee replacements…not the same I know…but what I do know is that the ones who do the physio exercises every day make a full recovery, as the one who don’t do the exercises still have problems. So I think that’s worth knowing as assume you’ll have physio too.

Hope it all goes well. I’m sure it will…but the last thing you need what with coping with MS as well!!

Pat xx

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Hi sorry to hear of your pain and new worry.

Pat has offered really good advice and I agree, physio would play an important part of your recovery and i`m sure you will be given assistance with this.

All the best,



Its good to know that the physio and exercises play an important part in recovery - an added incentive to do them. A knee replacement is also on the cards unfortunately, but this op is to ‘buy us some time’. I’m just hoping to get back to where I was pre-injury.

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Good luck with the surgery. The anaesthetist will be aware that you have ms and as this is their specialty I’m sure they’ll do what they can to prevent complications. I’d speak to him/her when they come to see you prior to your surgery, that’s what I did prior to my last anaesthetic and I was reassured. I wasn’t under for very long but okay afterwards.

As for your rehabilitation, as the others have said, physio should help. If you talk to them prior to your operation they might refer you to a physio who knows enough about both knees and ms. Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

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Thank you Cath, that is really good advice. Now just waiting for a date.



When I had my knee replacement done they did it with a spinal block, as I have a heart condition too, if you can avoid a spinal block do so its not nice and I’ve had pain from the site ever since , good luck with the operation I hope all goes well.